For most people who want to have a European river adventure, the top choices almost always include Tauck river cruises. That has to be for a good reason, right? There are a lot of reasons why you should trust Tauck if you’re looking to have a cruise adventure around Europe in 2013. I’ll enumerate some of the facts about the company, what makes their services unique, and what other people have to say about their service.


What Is Tauck?

When it comes to travel, Tauck has always been one of the most trusted names around. Founded in 1925, it operates under the vision of founder Arthur Tauck, to create a life-enriching travel experience while offering great value for money. Their company has just about every form of transportation under their catalogue, from boats to helicopters. It’s through more than 85 years of great service spanning 3 generations of the Tauck family that established this company’s name in world travel.


Tauck River Cruises In Europe

Even though Tauck has a markedly long history of being involved in travel, it’s just recently that they became involved with riverboats. They only started offering river cruises in 2006, culminating in the formation of a subcompany, Tauck River Cruising, in 2011. But don’t get that lack of experience fool you. Their service is just about as good as any river cruise out there, providing people with their signature hands-on and comprehensive service.

The options you have when it comes to these European cruises are just simply numerous. Depending on how long you want to travel and how many places you want to visit, your journey thru Europe’s best rivers and nations can take anywhere from 10 days to almost a month. Each of these packages will take you to your dream destinations, and the journey itself shall be no less than incredible.


Special Tauck Tours And River Cruises Across Europe

On typical Tauck fashion, choosing any of their tours will make you feel like a winner. But if you want to take your trip to the next level, then you can go for any of their themed river cruises. These cruises allow you to experience cultural events first-hand, with interactive workshops and presentations that can provide unparalleled learning and inspiration for people from all walks of life. While some of them will set sail in 2013, some of these special packages, such as the tour of the Christmas markets along the Rhine River or the Danube River, would take you to a tour of Europe in 2012.


Tauck River Cruises Reviews

Because riding on a cruise can be quite an investment, people who are looking to have a cruise want to have the best service available. And even though Tauck as a company is solid reputation-wise, I know for sure you are still curious if their service is perfect for you. That said, I have collected some of the things people said on reviews about taking a Tauck river cruise.

First, we’re going to focus on the positive reviews. A lot of people actually like the attention to detail that Tauck makes with each cruise. It doesn’t matter if you are heading to France or Russia or any place in between. What they would give you is the type of hands-on, well-planned service you got accustomed to with other Tauck services. Also, practically all of their European cruises have a comprehensive list of places to visit. And lastly, the amenities inside the ship such as their food and overall service to be excellent, even approximating to a 5-star cruise.

But of course, there are some very minor negatives when it comes to their service. The most glaring one is that people feel like their services feel too old-school for comfort. But then again, Tauck’s target market is those who belong to the 50-plus year old bracket, so that can’t really be faulted. Also, with only 4 riverboats in their arsenal, the possible options for cruising are still relatively low. But then again, improvement and additional cruises just might be on the way.


Cruising On European Rivers For 2012 And Beyond

River cruises, while not exactly as prestigious (at least not yet) as their ocean brethren, are on the come-up because of their unique blend of travel options and scenery. If you are looking to have a cruise on European rivers within this year or anytime soon, then you definitely must check out Tauck European river cruises. They’re definitely one of the best, if not the best, out there today.

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